Reptile's House

Bags Reptile's House are characterised by the very high level of craftsmanshipin which traditional methods are combined with innovative processes to obtain unique objects of great stylistic and qualitative value. Processes such as carving, lasering, printing or weaving give each article movement and three-dimensionality, special washes and treatments add softness and colour effects one-of-a-kind. Reptile's House leather bags, skilfully handcrafted, are objects of extraordinary beauty and at the same time practicality.

It moulds shapes and creates highly original textures, as unique as every woman. Softness in the shape of a gritty bag.

These bags thrill as soon as they are worn and tempt the beholder to the point of absolutely wanting to touch them. Ingrid

reptiles house blue bucket Sixteen
Admire the Reptile's House collection by Sedici

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